Ruth Budram | Accounts/ Human Resource

Ruth is a lover of art; She especially enjoy creating it. Ruth is a mother, wife, Christian, business owner and a passionate artist. She created her first masterpiece at the age of three.

She took several art classes throughout high school and eventually furthered her studies at Saint John’s Junior College. When asked, what she want to be, the answer was simply… AN ARTIST.

Ruth always wanted to start an after school program whereby she could pass her knowledge unto younger students. In 2014, Ruth started Le Petit Art School out of her home. No child is ever too young to create a masterpiece and through Le Petit Art School, Ruth aims to help them discover, create and display that piece.

Ruth Budram is the wife of TAS Belize’s Founder and CEO, Mervin Budram Jr. They got married in July, 2012 and now have a lovely daughter Chloe. Ruth has taken her passion & experience in art and brought it to the TAS Belize team. She functions as the human resource officer as well as accountant on the team.


Music, Drawing, Family.

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  • video production 80%
  • graphic design 100%
  • website development 95%
  • SEO/ SMM 60%
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